Does Bathmate REALLY Give Lasting Gains?(Or Are They Just Temporary and Will Go Away?) For many, understandably, this is the MOST IMPORTANT question. People want to know if the Bathmate simply temporarily pumps up your penis or if it really lasts forever. In short - After several months of regular use, your Bathmate gains WILL BE PERMANENT. Let me discuss temporary vs. permanent gains so you know what to expect. After you use the Bathmate, especially with a full erection with full pressure (tight as possible on your pubic region) for 15-20 minutes, your penis will be pumped up. This is what we call "temporary gains".  They last for several hours or even the entire day if you are pretty experienced and have used the Bathmate for several months.(mine pump can legitimate last for over a day, especially if I take cialis) Eventually, however, your initial pump from your Bathmate session...
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