Bathmate Coupon
Bathmate Coupon Updated seasonally, we will post valid coupons for the Bathmate Hydropump below. A quick word on Bathmate coupons - As of Summer 2015, the Bathmate manufacturer forbids any vendors to offer coupons. This is to prevent a bidding war that devalues the pump. If you find a coupon that offers a significant (or any amount) off money the Bathmate Hydropump - you should be very skeptical of the authenticity of the website. No vendors selling authentic Bathmate pumps are allowed to offer discounts. The only and coupon that we can provide to you is for 'Free Shipping' directly from the manufacturer - As I have mentioned before, I discourage you from purchasing a pump on eBay or from a site where the price is significantly lower than the manufacturer (link above).There several cheap replica Korean Bathmate pumps out there that are sold for less than $100. They break within...
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