Are the Gains from Bathmate Permanent? How Do I Preserve Them?

Does Bathmate REALLY Give Lasting Gains?
(Or Are They Just Temporary and Will Go Away?)

For many, understandably, this is the MOST IMPORTANT question.

People want to know if the Bathmate simply temporarily pumps up your penis or if it really lasts forever.

In short -

After several months of regular use, your Bathmate gains WILL BE PERMANENT.

Let me discuss temporary vs. permanent gains so you know what to expect.

After you use the Bathmate, especially with a full erection with full pressure (tight as possible on your pubic region) for 15-20 minutes, your penis will be pumped up.

This is what we call "temporary gains"

They last for several hours or even the entire day if you are pretty experienced and have used the Bathmate for several months.
(mine pump can legitimate last for over a day, especially if I take cialis)

Eventually, however, your initial pump from your Bathmate session will fade.

This won't change -

You'll always get a post-session pump and it will eventually return to normal.

Over time, however, your regular (and pumped) size will get larger - especially thicker.

These are what we call "permanent gains".

Not much explanation is needed -


When you use the Bathmate, your penile tissue expands and fatigues.

If you allow for adequate rest and recovery, your penile tissue restores itself.

Just like smooth muscle tissue, when it recovers - it comes back BIGGER and STRONGER. 
(penile tissue is similar, but not completely identical to smooth muscle tissue)

After consistent Bathmate workouts and recovery - your penis does become bigger and stays bigger.

If you were to quit using the Bathmate entirely (after 8-12 months of use) - you will still retain about 70% of your gains.

Preserving almost all of your gains (~90%) is easy though.

Just by using the Bathmate 2 or 3 times per week at 10 minutes per session or by using manual jelqing exercises 2 times per week at 10-15 minutes per session - you can keep 90-100% of your progress.

This is quite easy - it takes 45 seconds to put the Bathmate on, 10 minutes to wear and 5 seconds to take off.

Most people really enjoy using the Bathmate (and are encouraged by the rapid progress) that "quitting" entirely isn't even a consideration.

Although I used the Bathmate on a regular basis for over 3 years, these days - I only use it 2 or 3 times a day (and before sex).

The good news is -

I've retained almost all my male enhancement process, especially the girth improvements.

Ultimately, the permanence of your Bathmate gains depends on how and if you maintain them.

While there is a definite gain to using the Bathmate for a couple of months, there is also a part that gets lost if you stop using PE altogether. You minimize the losses that occur by using a semi-regular (every 2-3 days) maintenance routine that keeps the penile tissue stretched and used to PE.


In Conclusion

Bathmate offers both temporary and PERMANENT gains.

The temporary gains (post-pump) are immediate, the permanent gains comes after a few months.

You can maintain 60-70% of your gains if you stop using the Bathmate forever.

You can retain 90+% of your gains if you simply use the Bathmate 2 or 3 times a week for just 10 minutes a session.

For more information on all the models of the Bathmate Hydropump and WHAT TO EXPECT (permanent vs. temporary size gains), check out Good Looking Loser's Review and FAQ.

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