Can I Gain Penis Size if I ONLY Use the Bathmate Hydropump?

Is Using the Bathmate Alone Enough To Gain Significant Size?
(no manual exercises, no other devices)

Yes, using the Bathmate Hydropump as a standalone will certainly increase both the length and the girth of your penis.

This is especially true for guys that are new to male enhancement and have never done anything jelqing, stretching or pumping.

Total newbies will gain from Bathmate - very quickly.

Guys that haven't yet gained their first inch will certainly increase their length and girth.

More experienced guys, however, who have already gained over an inch (especially from jelqing - a girth-related exercise), might only gain slightly from the Bathmate Hydropump.

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When I got the Bathmate in December 2009, I had numerous years of [albeit inconsistent] manual PE behind me.

Bathmate still helped me gain another .5" in girth (slightly over an 1" in total) and a slight increase in length.

Newbies, however, can expect to gain an inch in length and a near inch in girth in about 6 to 12 months - even if they use it as a standalone.

Ideally, however, the quickest gains can be had with a Bathmate routine that combines jelqing and manual stretching.

Even small amounts of manual PE (10 minutes/every other day) can make a big difference. 


Yes, you will gain size if you only use the Bathmate [on a regular basis] and do nothing else.

Especially newbies.

But you will get faster gains by also doing manual PE.

We encourage you to do at least a little bit of stretching and jelqing, 2 or 3 times a week should be doable.

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