Do I Need the Shower Strap to Use the Bathmate?

Do I Need the Shower Strap to Use the Bathmate?


You don't need the shower strap to use the Bathmate and get results.

Back in November 2009, when I got the original Bathmate Hercules, there was no shower strap available and I used it for over 4 years without one.

Your Bathmate will work still work perfectly fine and it won't fall off your body.

The shower strap simply holds your pump in a straight-upward position so it doesn't point in a downward direction and potentially fall off your body.

If you shave your pubic hair, you should be able to get strong enough suction so that this is a non-issue however.

When you have one of the bigger and heavier pumps like the x40 or (certainly) the Goliath, it is helpful to use the shower strap, especially if you are doing longer sessions of 15-20 minutes.

If you have one of the smaller models, you can still get a shower strap and it will make your session more comfortable, but you do not need it in any way for making gains.

It is a matter of convenience that you can decide on.

If you are looking to save a couple of dollars, forgoing the shower strap would be one way to do it.

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The Bathmate shower strap is not mandatory to use and get results from the pump.

It will be helpful however, especially with the larger models such as the Goliath and the Bathmate x40 that tend to be heavy when filled with water. 

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