Does Bathmate Work to Increase Penis Length Gains Too?

Does Bathmate Work for Length too?
Or Only for Penis Girth?


Although the Bathmate is great for gains in girth, it can also help with length gains.

Especially for newbies or guys that haven't yet gained their first inch in length.
(the first inch is fairly easy, especially the first half-inch; gaining your second inch is far more difficult)

More experienced guys, especially those have has already gained over an inch in length - are not likely to benefit.

Specifically, there is a specific Bathmate exercise dubbed "Bathmate Pulls" that can maximize length gains.
(described in the video above)

Although some length gain will occur with a normal Bathmate routine, this length gain will be rather limited to about 3/4 to 1 inch.

However, if you use so-called Bathmate 'Pull' Stretches, you can certainly increase your length gains.

These stretches work by pulling the Bathmate away from the body for about 30 seconds and stretching the so-called "internal penis", the area of your penis shaft that is inside your body and not visible.

This tissue is largely untrained, likely completely untrained in newbies, and only other way to get significant resistance on is from "hanging" weights from your penis. Something that beginners should absolutely not consider.

To perform the Bathmate stretches properly, you need to establish very good suction, otherwise you will risk losing the pressure when air enters and water leaves the Bathmate. Essentially, you need to establish a good balance of pulling the Bathmate away from your body strong enough to stretch the internal penis and keeping the suction going in order not to lose pressure. The typical routine for Bathmate stretches should include 30-second stretches away from your body in the left, right, upward, downward, and straight direction, respectively.

Especially when pulling upward, you will need to be careful not let the Bathmate grab your testicles too much.

Although this is not harmful, it is not pleasant either. The bottom line here is that you will need to try out for yourself how far you can go with the Bathmate Stretches, i.e., how long you can pull without losing suction and what directions work without getting your testicles under too much tension.

It takes practice.

You have to get out of the shower to do them correctly.

Here is a video of a guy doing them (NOT SAFE FOR WORK)-

Personally, I don't do these stretches.

They are simply annoying to me and I don't have the patience. 
(a lot of other people seem to like them however)

I prefer to wear an extender and/or just do manual stretching in front of the TV.

For more information about these Bathmate stretches and using your pump to gain length, check out this post.

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In Conclusion

Bathmate can help you gain length, especially if you are completely new to male enhancement or haven't yet gained your first inch.

More experienced guys (who have gained over an inch), however, might not benefit in the length department.

There is a specific way to use your pump to focus on length.

That method is shown above.

For more information on all the models of the Bathmate Hydropump, check out Good Looking Loser's Review and FAQ.

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