How Can I Prevent Bathmate From Digging Into My Skin/Testicles? (Pumping Sleeves)

How Can I Prevent the Bathmate From Digging Into My Balls or Digging Into My Pubic Region?

Both of these issues only affect only about 10% of Bathmate users, it is a concern.

There are solutions and with regular use, usually you can prevent both issues

Preventing the Bathmate from Eating Your Balls

Basically, when putting on the pump (or shortly thereafter), the Bathmate pulls your testicles into the suction or as some say "eats your balls".

This is most common with guys that don't have full, low-hanging balls.

The quick solution is to make sure you run hot water over that region so that it "hangs" down and your balls are out of the way as much as possible.

You can use a towel drenched in hot water, a warm 'rice sock' or just about ANYTHING that can loosen up your ball sack. Even sitting on the couch with a warm laptop in your lap can do the trick. 

This will loosen up your scrotum and encourage your balls to hang lower and out of the way of the suction of pump.

For most people, simply 'warming up' with hot water will fix this issue.

pumping sleeves

Preventing the Bathmate from Digging Into Your Pubic Region

Similarly, another problem from some guys is when the Bathmate digs into their pubic region.

This is not 'dangerous', only uncomfortable.

Bathmate's newer models (the x30, x40 and Xtreme) come with a comfort pad that will fix this issue.

In my opinion, and most others, you should only use the comfort pad if you have to. I have always gotten better suction without the comfort pad, but I've never had the issue with the pump digging into my skin.

If you don't have one of the newer Bathmate models, you can buy an inexpensive pumping sleeve on eBay and wrap the mouth of your Bathmate and it will be much more comfortable.

Guys swear by these things and it will probably make this annoying issue a thing of the past.

Bathmate Pumping Sleeves


Both of these issues mainly affect newbies that haven't figured out the best way to use their new pump.

Don't panic, both of these issues are fixable.

Warming up with hot water, a warm towel or some other compress will let your balls hang and keep them out of the suction tube.

Likewise, the same method, using the comfort pad or buying a pumping sleeve can help prevent the Bathmate from digging into your pubic region.

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