How Do I Get the "All Day" Bathmate Pump?

How Can I Get the Famous Post-Bathmate Pump?
(For Added Size During Sexual Intercourse

One of the main (certainly - most fun) benefits of using the Bathmate Hydropump is that it makes your penis significantly larger (especially girth) in just 10 or 15 minutes.

You can use that extra size to proudly let it swing between your legs, or better yet - have sex with a soon-to-be happy partner. 

The formula is pretty simple -

  1. Strong erection (100% or as hard as you can get - for as long as you can stay erect)
  2. Long session duration (as long as you can, use as directed - not over 20 minutes)
  3. Full pressure (get a seal as TIGHT AS POSSIBLE, practice makes perfect)

If you do those 3 things, your penis will be larger than it ever has been.

The pump will 'hang' around for hours.

It might be last the entire day if you have been using the Bathmate for several months.
(hint: cialis helps this too)

The Bathmate “all day” pump is the kind of extended stretch of penile tissue that experienced users get after a long and intense session of using the Bathmate.

This is not for newbies, as your penis needs to be used to using the Bathmate in long sessions, with a full erection, and at full pressure separately before combining all three of these things in one session.

If your penis did not experience about 3 months of consistent Bathmate use before doing this, it is likely going to be injured over the course of this.

Here are some more details about what kind of session can produce the “all day” hang that makes your penis considerably thicker for an extended period of time (that period of time gets longer with each time of using the Bathmate for an “all day” pump): Use the Bathmate for 10-20 minutes, push it to the maximum pressure within the first five minutes of the session, and only go in the Bathmate when you are 100% erect. This way you can get the “all day” hang. You can also jelq before the session in order to enhance the effect.

Only do this kind of session once a day and allow your penile tissue to recover if you get signs of fatigue.

If you cannot get a full erection the next day, then try again later or skip that session for that day!

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In Conclusion

Bathmate delivers permanent gains after a few months, but the temporary pump is much appreciated.

To make sure you get this -

Get a strong erection and just put the Bathmate on as tightly as possible for 20 minutes.

The more you do this, the longer your post-pump will last.

Mine can literally last for 36 hours, if I don't have sex with a lucky girl in between.
(naturally after you orgasm, their is a 'refractory' period where your penis temporarily naturally experiences less bloodflow)

For more information on all the models of the Bathmate Hydropump, check out Good Looking Loser's Review and FAQ.

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