Should I Use the Bathmate With a Full Erection?

Can or Should I Use My Bathmate Hydropump With a Full Erection?
(Is It Effective and Safe?)

After a "break in" period over your first 30 days following a beginner's Bathmate routine with less than a full erection, most guys use a full erection during EVERY Bathmate session.

This is what I have done and suggest to you as well - given that your doctor approves.

There's a HUGE difference in pressure between entering the Bathmate erect and non-erect.

The difference is NIGHT and DAY.

With an erection, the Bathmate extends pressure to your entire shaft - especially giving you expansion in at the mid-shaft area.

When I got the Bathmate late 2009, I'll have to admit - I didn't really know how to use the thing.

I was using it in an entirely flaccid state for months.

I'm not sure if I read something online or the idea simply occurred to me but I decided to try it with an erection.

That's when the magic begins.

If you use the Bathmate with full erection, it will be BIGGER, THICKER and slightly longer than you have ever seen it before.

If you are a PE newbie, however, do not use a full erection.

If you have not yet used the Bathmate, then it is important that you use the Bathmate without a full erection and with less than the maximum pressure possible. When you start, it is very important that you familiarize yourself and your penis with the Bathmate in order to prevent injuries.

Your penile tissue needs to get used to being stretched before you can apply the maximum pressure to your penis. So the rule of thumb here is to only do light Bathmate exercise for the first 30 days and then gradually increase pressure, duration, and erection level with which you enter the Bathmate.

For guys who are more experienced with PE, especially though who have done jelqing on a regular basis before, it is entering the Bathmate with a full erection is definitely the way to go.

When you have a lot of blood circulating in your penis to begin with, then it is logical that you can stretch your penis more than if you had to use pressure to stretch your penile tissue to the point of a normal erection first. So while you get your maximum results from using a full erection, it is also more risky for PE newbies who are not used to this maximum stretching level yet.

Hence the rule for newbies not to use a full erection in the first 30 days, to only slowly build up pressure, and to get enough rest between sessions (this is still valid for PE veterans, too).

Penis with beer

In Conclusion

Newbie, especially total newbies, shouldn't be using a full erection until their penile tissue is resistant enough to the hydropump pressure.

Gradually using a 50-75% erection over your first thirty days is safe way to build up your tolerance.

After 30 days, however, using a full erection is mandatory if you want to maximize your gains.

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