The 3 Most Important Things You Need to Know About Bathmate

The 3 Most Important Things to Know Before You Buy the Bathmate

Guys, especially guys that are new to male enhancement, need to know these 3 things.

1) Penis Enhancement or "PE" is a Marathon and not a Sprint
(look at male enhancement as a long-term project)

This probably the most important thing you need to know and keep in mind.

Male enhancement, gaining size your on your penis, just like going to the gym and health/fitness - is a long-term goal.

You should not expect to gain 2" in your first 6 months.

Any program or product that suggests that is lying to you. 

With that said, newbies can gain their first .5-1" VERY QUICKLY (3-6 months).

But the first inch is the easiest.

The second inch, particularly the second half of the second inch, is the hardest to come by.

You will need to work on that second inch for several months if not well over a year.
(if you have a significant amount of body fat to lose, you can potentially gain 2" much faster)

It is critical to your long-term success that you view PE as a long-term project and be realistic about how much you will gain.

I started PE way back in 2001.

I did manual exercises on-and-off for years. I was very inconsistent.

Rather than gaining 1.5-2" (realistic for long-term PE), I gained about .75" over 7 or 8 years.

I would have been better off just making male enhancement my #1 and only goal (with the exception of school) for a year and I would have easily surpassed my 7-8 year half-assed effort.

The good news is - device such as the Bathmate Hydropump make the process easier, faster and a lot more fun. 

I got the Bathmate in late 2009 and had a renewed enthustiasm for male enhancement. 

To this day, I use Bathmate on a regular basis because it's easy and fun.
(it is also a easy super way to help maintain all size gains)

As I always say -

Don't underestimate the "fun" factor.

Male enhancement, especially manual PE exercises such as jelqing and manual stretching is tedious and often very boring.

Bathmate takes 10-12 minutes to use and you will see an immediate size increase (temporary, which become permanent with regular use). You can even use it just for added size for sex.

You must look at PE as a long-term ongoing project, set realistic goals (more on that later) and not get discouraged and take long periods of time off.

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2) Start Slowly - Newbies Gain Very Quickly and There's No Reason Be Aggressive

Like I said -

Gaining your first inch is relatively easy.

Especially your first half inch.

There is no reason to be aggressive with your Bathmate training, especially not in the first month.

Use the pump as directed and we suggest using your first month for the sole purpose of getting used pumping.

Follow this routine, or a similar one.

This is your "break-in" period.

The Bathmate, while significantly safer than a traditional air-based penis pump, can generate A LOT of pressure that an untrained penis is simply not used to.

Furthermore, using the Bathmate everyday (or for longer than directed) will quickly result in overtraining for newbies.

As I often remind guys -

Like going to the gym or bodybuilding, smooth muscle tissue (penile similar is similar) needs to recover and repair itself to get bigger and stronger.

You grow during your rest periods, not during your training sessions.

Make absolutely certain that you take rest days, even multiple rest days.

Additional considerations

One of the nicest things about the Bathmate is its ability to give you the “Bathmate pump”, a several hour-long lasting effect that makes your penis thicker than ever. However, we do not recommend to newbies to go for this “Bathmate pump” effect in the first 30 days. In order to get the effect, you need to go 10-15 minutes at maximum pressure and full erection in the Bathmate. Newbies should not exceed 3-5 minutes with a full erection or 6-8 minutes with a semi-erect penis, though. If you are completely new to PE, your penile tissue needs to get used to the stretching that is done by the Bathmate before you can do the more extreme routines. This is very important and your long-term results depend on starting slow and not getting injured early on.

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3) Jelqing and Manual Stretching Will Significantly Speed Up Your Process

You don't have to do manual exercises. 

Chances are, you bought the Bathmate Hydropump to avoid having to do these monotinous, time-consuming exercises.

However, I still want you to try to do JUST A LITTLE manual work.

You will grow a lot more if you keep on jelqing and stretching manually at least 2 times a week. Even if it's just 2 times a work for 10 or 15 minutes in total.

Do not feel like you have to do some kind of 60 minute PE routine.

Just a little bit.

Pick one day a week and stretch for 5 minutes and jelq for 10 minutes.


Pick another day and stretch for 10 minutes and jelq for 5 minutes.


Have fun, use your Bathmate on most of the other days and you'll hit your first .5" in 3 months. I almost guarantee it.

Like any long-term project -

Every little bit counts.

After you gain your first inch, getting the second inch will be a challenge.

You almost certainly have to incorporate some manual training (especially manual stretching or Sizegenetics) and Kegels if you are going to continue grow.

First thing's first though.

Get your first inch.

Try to enjoy yourself and keep these 3 things in mind.


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Keep these things in mind, both when you start your Bathmate journey and for the long-haul -

  1. Male enhancement is a long-term project.
    When you start, you can gain pretty quickly but it gets harder and it is a war of attrition.
  2. When you start, exercise caution and be conservative.
    Newbies gain easily, there is no reason to overdo it or overtrain.
  3. Try to do at least a little bit of manual PE training.
    Even if you do it 2 days a week, it will significantly help your Bathmate efforts.

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