What Are the 'Red Dots' I See After Using the Bathmate?

What Are These Red Dots I'm Seeing?
(Are They Dangerous?)

DISCLAIMER: This is not medical doctor’s advice. If you are seriously worried about your penis, go consult with your doctor. However, he will probably agree with the information in this post regarding what the red dots are, and how you can make them go away.

Some newbies (especially those without prior male enhancement, especially jelqing experience) may notice what appears to be "red dots" a day or two AFTER using their Bathmate Hydropump.

It looks close to a rash, that I what I thought it was.
(I was even worried I got some sort of STD!)

It's not though.

Although it may alarm you, these 'red dots' are broken capillaries.

While this may sound unsettling, it is nothing severe. If you experience red dots on your penis after a session of Bathmate, then you have most likely been using too much pressure (or your penis is not yet used to the device).

It is very important that you let your penis rest after working out, especially if you start seeing signs that your penis is fatigued like those small red dots on it.

It is also important that you slowly increase the duration and intensity of your Bathmate workouts and do not immediately go from 0 to 15 minutes at maximum pressure.

The red dots will go away after a couple of days (for me it usually takes 2-3 days) since your penile tissue, just like most other tissue in your body, is able to heal itself over time.

If you continue overtraining you might experience discoloration (your penis turning darker), but even that will go away if you stop exercising completely (meaning no Bathmate, no jelqing, no other PE) for a couple of days.

Remember that just like with any other kind of training, your bodily tissue needs resting time in order to recover fatigued tissue.

Don't be afraid to time days off, even multiple days - your penis grows during your REST PERIODS.

The good news is, these red dots will clear up and as your penis becomes more and more resistant to pressure - you won't see these anymore. 

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In Conclusion

The red dots are common, overall fairly harmless, but evidence that your penis is not yet used to the Bathmate.

Let your penile tissue heal.

The dots will go away and your penis will gradually become more resistant to the pressure from the Bathmate.

We recommend a very conservative routine for your first 30 days

For more information on all the models of the Bathmate Hydropump, check out Good Looking Loser's Review and FAQ.

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