What is Bathmate Water Retention? Is it Harmless? ("Turkeyneck" or "Tennis Ball Dick")

What is "Water Retention"?
Is It Something To Worry About?

Why Does My Penis Sometimes Look Like It Has a Tennis Ball Inside of It After Using the Bathmate?


Vintage Bathmate 'Water Retention'!

It's nothing to worry about, but lets discuss what's going on.

Water retention, also called “Turkey Neck” or “Tennis Ball Dick” describes the over-expansion of spongy mid-shaft tissue after long and intense sessions, resembling the look of a turkey neck.

After an intense session (full pressure for 20 minutes), it can literally look there's a tennis ball or a patch of water inside your penis.
(usually on the bottom side of your shaft)

If you aren't expecting it or it is your first time seeing this natural effect, it might just freak you out.

But don't freak out. 

Although the look may seem slightly upsetting at first, it is nothing to worry about. It is highly temporary and your deformed penis will be back to normal in a couple of hours.

What Causes Water Retention or This "Turkey Neck" Effect?!

It actually has nothing to do with 'water'.

It's not like the water in your Bathmate pump has somehow transdermally penetrated your skin and ended up in your penis.

For some reason, a lot of people think this.

It's not the case.

The spongy tissue around mid-shaft gets most of the pressure because the erection that you had in the beginning of the session slowly goes away and your penis gets pulled back into the body. However, since the pump still applies pressure to your penis, the mid-shaft area gets pulled from two sides.

The water retention (or "Turkey Neck") that you are seeing is simply your pliable mid-shaft tissue being squeezed together in the suction vacuum.
(air-based penis penis are notorious for this effect)

The mid-shaft penile tissue is being stretching under the vacuum pressure.

This is the same reason why the most significant gains from the Bathmate will occur around the mid-shaft of the penis.

Again, there's nothing harmful about this. The tissue is not damaged or devoid of oxygen. 

This is normal.

It is just stretched out (horizontally and laterally) - that is what makes this device work in the first place.

To get rid of the water retention and get your penile tissue back to normal, just do some light-moderate penis stretching exercises (especially 'windmill rotation stretches').

These exercises or simply getting erections (especially while doing Kegels) will increase the blood flow to your penis and it will begin to even out.

Any sort of water retention will go away eventually though - even if you do nothing about it.

turkeyneck clipart

How Can I Prevent This Water Retention Effect?

Remember -

Although water retention isn't aesthetically pleasing, it is evidence that you had a REALLY GOOD Bathmate session. In that sense it is a more of a good thing than a bad thing.

It's also important to note -

Water retention does not really happen with the newer models, so x30 or x40 owners do not need to worry about this at all.

The Bathmate Xtreme (basically an advanced x30 or x40 pump with an unlimited pressure ceiling) can cause slight water retention on super high pressure and/or long sessions. The water retention probably isn't significant enough to consider changing your routine.

If you own one of the older models (Hercules/Goliath), then you can still avoid water retention by breaking your sessions down into multiple shorter ones (for instance doing 2x8 minutes instead of 1x16 minutes).

The only time that you'd really want to prevent the 'Turkey Neck' is if you are planing to have protection sex within 1-2 hours after your Bathmate session.

The water retention effect can may it hard, if not impossible, to put on a condom.

For more information about this issue, please see -

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In Conclusion

Water retention is no big deal and is the sign of a productive Bathmate session where the mid-shaft tissue is stretched (squeezed) together.

It only tends to affect guys that do long sessions with the older Bathmate models however. 

You can get rid of most of it by simply increasing the bloodflow to your penis giving yourself erections.

It will go away regardless.

Until then, don't sweat it! 

For more information on all the models of the Bathmate Hydropump, check out Good Looking Loser's Review and FAQ.

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