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What You Can Expect…(with daily, consistent use).


Lasting Gains

After several months of consistent use, you can expect permanent increase in you size.


Immediate Gains

Though temporary, you can expect a significant increase in your size, especially girth (.5"- 1" larger).



You can expect to have some fun with the Bathmate. Male enhancement is typically slow, cumbersome and boring. This pump is a pleasure to use and you will look forward to it.


Few Safety Concerns

You can expect to improve your sexual health and size without any significant risks. The Bathmate is a water-based penis pump and although the pressure can be significant, the pump is quite safe if used as directed.


Donkey Dick

The flaccid (soft) gains are significant. You can expect your penis to hang happily and healthfully below your balls.


Better Sex

The immediate size increase can be used in the bedroom. You can expect to fill up your partner like never before.



You can expect the Bathmate to be super easy to use. It takes less than 45 seconds to put on and less than 5 seconds to take off.



If you have questions or need help using your Bathmate, we got your back. You can expect answers to all of your questions, often in less than 30 minutes, over at Good Looking Loser’s Bathmate Forum.


Before and After Pictures

Bathmate Testimonials From Real Humans

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