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Good Looking Loser's Bathmate Review (All Models)


Tables of Contents
0:00 Updated Bathmate Review
0:30 The Bathmate Hydropump (Bathmate Hercules) was my very 1st Recommendations on Good Looking Loser
0:45 There are currently 4 models (Hercules, Goliath, x30 and x40) available
1:40 Check out the blog for specific comparisons between the 4 pumps
2:00 Newbies to PE stand to gain 2+ inches from Bathmate AND PE
2:25 My experience using the Hercules BY ITSELF for 14 months -- beginning December 2009
3:05 Why I recommend this pump (works, fun -- you are excited to use it)
4:00 "Instant Gains" (fun) discussion, immediate girth and length. You can use it when you have sex.
5:00 Hydropumps (water-based) are quite safe overall
6:00 "All Day Hung" discussed
6:20 Are the size gains from Bathmate permanent? (How Bathmate works)
7:20 Will Bathmate give stronger erections? Slightly.
8:00 PC Muscles to support increased size
8:55 How much will I gain? (My prediction for guys)
10:20 Will the gains go away if I stop using the Bathmate?
11:25 The 4 different Bathmate models discussed
12:05 Hercules vs. x30 (for guys under 6.5")
13:35 Bathmate x40 (for guys over 6.5")
14:10 Goliath (for guys over 7.0" who have no PE experience)
14:40 Best models- x30 and x40 New Bathmate pumps
15:30 Contact me on Good Looking Loser, Sex with Bathmate pump is amazing

Good Looking Loser's Bathmate Xtreme Review (2014)

Chris' review of the new Bathmate Xtreme Models

Tables of Contents
0:00 This is a review of the New Xtreme 
0:25 I've used the Bathmate for 4+ years (Hercules starting in 2009)
0:50 What's in the Xtreme set
1:30 Bottom Line - the Xtreme gives your more pressure/penile expansion than anything else out there
2:15 Pump is great but if you can't afford it - don't buy it
3:10 What you can expect from the Bathmate Xtreme (Lasting Gains)
3:30 What you can expect from the Bathmate Xtreme (Immediate Gains)
4:15 What you can expect from the Bathmate Xtreme (Instant Added Size in Bedroom)
5:15 Takes less than 60 seconds to put on - once you figure it out
5:30 What you can expect from the Bathmate Xtreme (Fun to Use)
6:00 What you can expect from the Bathmate Xtreme (Safe if used as directed)
6:20 Bathmate Xtreme x30 vs. Bathmate x30
7:15 Prediction for how much Newbie's will gain
8:30 Comparison to Vacu-vin pumping method from MattersOfSize.com
10:20 Comparison to pre-Bathmate jelqing
12:35 The 4 types of guys that should consider the Xtreme
16:00 Xtreme is great, you'll love it - but the other models are still good

Which Bathmate Pump is Best?

There is no best overall pump; it depends on your starting size.

You should pick a model depending on your starting size. The only reason why there were two models in the beginning (the Hercules and the Goliath) was to accommodate a wider range of sizes. Recently, two models have been added (the x30 and the x40) and these models are capable of producing more pressure. Thus, they are slightly favorable to the older models.

Now, which model should you choose with respect to size? If you are too big for the Hercules, you should pick the Goliath or the x40. If you fit well in the Hercules, you should pick the Hercules or the x30, as the smaller models are less likely to be a hassle in terms of your testicles getting sucked in. The Hercules, x30 and x40 also have a slightly different valve from the Goliath, which makes them more user-friendly and easy to use in my opinion.

If you need some numbers, here is a rule of thumb: If you are under 6.75”, pick the x30. If you are over 6.75”, pick the x40. In the unusual case of being over 8.4” in length and over 2.2” in diameter, you can get the Goliath. However, the x40 is favorable to the Goliath due to the above-mentioned reasons.

So while there are some advantages of the newer models over the older ones, it is important to keep in mind that you will make gains in all of them, provided you exercise with them regularly.

Where can I see the famous Tosh.0 Bathmate skit?

Get More: Comedy Central

In season 4, episode 3 - Daniel Tosh introduced Bathmate to the entire world.

end faq

General Questions About the Bathmate

Does Bathmate Help Erection Quality?

Yes, under some conditions.

For PE newbies, there might be a significant improvement in erection quality. Here's the thing: If you haven't done that much to grow your penis or improve erection quality before, you can get an indirect improvement in erection quality just from the size gains that the Bathmate brings. If you are stretching your penile tissue, you are also improving the blood flow to your penis, hence the slightly better erections.

Now, for more advanced PE users, there might be no notable improvement in erection quality from the Bathmate alone because advanced users have often established more blood flow to the penis through other ways already. Something to keep in mind here is that while for some people the Bathmate does improve erection strength, there are other ways -Kegels and Cialis for instance- that are more efficient than the Bathmate in improving your erection quality.

Can I Take the Bathmate on An Airplane? (Traveling with the Bathmate Hydropump)

Sure, you can definitely take your Bathmate on an airplane.

There is a carrying case that automatically comes with the Bathmate Xtreme these days. You can store the bathmate in that case and store it in your suitcase or hand baggage. Although there is a lock with the carrying case, it is advisable to not lock it because airport security might break the lock as the case might look suspicious to them.

If you choose to put the Bathmate in your suitcase and do not have the carrying case: Make sure that your Bathmate is wrapped in something soft (a sweatshirt for instance) so that it does not get affected when your suitcase is thrown around on its way in or out of the airplane. You can also put it back in the box that it was shipped in and transport it that way.

If you choose to transport the Bathmate in your hand baggage: Do not be afraid to tell people what it is in case you get pulled aside by security. It is not illegal to transport it and the worst that can happen is that security pulls you aside and asks you about what is in your bag. However, even this has rarely happened in the past. Remember, as long as you are cooperative and tell them what it is, they will not be able to stop you.

Can Bathmate Straighten a Curved Penis? (Peyronie's Disease)

Yes, although not as much as extenders.

The Bathmate can help with Peyronie's disease. However, there are more effective means to treat Peyronie's disease. The probably best device for that would be an extender like the Sizegenetics. If you only have a slightly curved penis, then the Bathmate could help with that, although an extender would be the better choice.

Can Bathmate Cause Erectile Dysfunction?


The Bathmate, unlike air pumps, has a maximum amount of pressure that it can generate. As long as you do not use it too long (keep it at no more than 20 minutes per day, official recommendation by Bathmate) you will be fine.

In fact, the Bathmate is advertized as a device that can improve erectile dysfunction (ED). While this may be true to some extent (more so for PE newbies than for PE veterans), there are still better ways to do it. Kegels for instance are free and very effective in improving your erection and even orgasm quality. If your ED is caused by low testosterone/dihydrotestosterone (DHT), testosterone replacement might be another thing to look into.

What might be misunderstood as ED is the desensitization after a more intense Bathmate session. However, this is only a temporary state that your penis will be in and has little to do with actual ED, which is a long-term problem. Actually, guys who usually have problems with finishing early during sex might experience this desensitization as something good, because it enables them to last significantly longer.

Is the Bathmate Hydropump Safe?

Yes, it is.

Assuming that you use the Bathmate as directed, it definitely is safe. The only time that problems will happen is when you go beyond the official recommendation of 20 minutes per day or fail to warm up. It might not even be problematic to go longer than 20 minutes if you only do it once. The most cases of problems after Bathmate use are instances of overtraining where guys overtrain for days in a row and even for weeks and/or fail to warm up.

So while it is important to have a good Bathmate routine (around 15 minutes and 4 – 7 times per week), it is just as important to give your penis a rest and let it recover after a session and to avoid overtraining.

Furthermore, it is important that you warm up (wash your penis with warm water prior to using the Bathmate) and only enter the Bathmate with a full erection. If you abide by these recommendations, you should be fine (although you should always consult with your doctor before using the Bathmate).

Do I Need the Shower Strap to Use the Bathmate?


The shower strap has not been available forever. The Bathmate did and still does its work perfectly fine without a shower strap.

When you have one of the bigger and heavier pumps like the x40 or (certainly) the Goliath, it is helpful to use the shower strap, especially if you are doing longer sessions of 15-20 minutes. If you have one of the smaller models, you can still get a shower strap and it will make your session more comfortable, but you do not need it in any way for making gains. It is a matter of convenience that you can decide about. If you are looking to save a couple of dollars, this would be one way to do it.

Can I Have Sex or Jerk Off After Using the Bathmate?

Yes, although turtling may occur.

One of the most rewarding things about using the Bathmate (and any kind of PE, for that matter) is to have sex using your most recent gains. So it is perfectly fine to have sex after a good Bathmate session.

However, there is also a downside to having an orgasm (ejaculating). After most guys (especially PE newbies) ejaculate, the penis is subject to turtling (the penis retracting back into the body) more than usual and receives less blood flow. In order to promote gains, you should try to keep blood flow up, though, as blood flow is essential for recovery and gains. You can always increase general blood flow by doing kegels and possibly by using Cialis or other nitric oxide agonists, but you can also keep blood flow up by avoiding ejaculation. Another option to prevent turtling would be to use an extender like the SizeGenetics or the Phallosan Forte.

Again, you may have sex or masturbate after using the Bathmate, but be aware that ejaculation and the following turtling are going to reduce your gains if you do not take preventative measures.

What Are the 3 Most Important Things That I Should Know Before I Use the Bathmate?

1) Perspective on PE, 2) Start slowly, 3) Manual exercises

  1. Penile enhancement is a marathon, not a sprint. No matter how many devices you use, your gains will come over time, and not immediately. This is crucial to realize in order not to lose motivation after 1-8 weeks of exercising.
  2. One of the nicest things about the Bathmate is its ability to give you the “Bathmate pump”, a several hour-long lasting effect that makes your penis thicker than ever. However, we do not recommend to newbies to go for this “Bathmate pump” effect in the first 30 days. In order to get the effect, you need to go 10-15 minutes at maximum pressure and full erection in the Bathmate. Newbies should not exceed 3-5 minutes with a full erection or 6-8 minutes with a semi-erect penis, though. If you are completely new to PE, your penile tissue needs to get used to the stretching that is done by the Bathmate before you can do the more extreme routines. This is very important and your long-term results depend on starting slow and not getting injured early on.
  3. Yes, you can grow just from using the Bathmate. However, you will grow a lot more if you keep on jelqing and stretching manually at least 2 times a week. Do not feel like you have to do some kind of “Olympic” PE routine, but every little bit counts. Of course, it is most important to have fun doing PE, but try to keep jelqing, manually stretching and doing kegels along with the Bathmate, because it will improve your gains. If you are shooting for the realistic maximum gains (1.5”-2” in length and 0.75”-1” in girth), then you should keep your routine diverse and value the little increments that are brought on top of the Bathmate gains by jelqing, manual stretching, and kegels.

Can I Use the Bathmate To Pump Up My Penis Before Sex?


One of the nicest things about the Bathmate is that you get instant gains right after a good session. You can usually expect ¼” in length ½” – 1” in girth if you get the typical “Bathmate pump” after an intense exercising session. There are a few things that you need to know about how to get the best pump:

  1. Only enter the Bathmate with a full erection. In that case, use it for about 5-10 minutes at high pressure.
  2. You should not do this as a PE newbie (rule of thumb: only do this after ~4 weeks of using the Bathmate)
  3. Get the “Bathmate pump” several hours before sex, otherwise you may not be able to fit in a condom.

The instant girth gains that you can make really get you to the “next level” of penis girth, because the variance of penis girth is not as big as it is for length. If you look at studies on penis girth you will notice that the 1” in girth that the Bathmate can bring actually advances you a lot. Finally, it is important to mention that you should always consider using water-based lubricant if you choose to have sex after a productive Bathmate session because you might be too big for her at some point.

Can I Gain Penis Size if I ONLY Use the Bathmate?

Yes, absolutely.

Although you will get bigger and faster gains if you combine the Bathmate with other PE exercises (for instance jelqing, stretching, etc.), you can still get gains in length and girth by just using the Bathmate. A rough estimate would be that you can gain up to 1” if you use it every day for 6 months.

Now if you want to maintain your gains without continuing a normal routine, you can use the Bathmate for 2 times per week at 10 minutes per session. As mentioned previously, though, the best way to increase your gains is to combine the Bathmate with the other standard methods (jelqing, stretching, extender), though.

Can the Bathmate Increase the Length of Your Penis?


Although the Bathmate is great for gains in girth, it can also help with length gains. Specifically, there is a specific Bathmate exercise that can maximize length gains. Although some length gain will occur with a normal Bathmate routine, this length gain will be rather small. However, if you use so-called Bathmate Stretches, you can significantly increase your length gains. These stretches work by pulling the Bathmate away from the body for about 30 seconds. Of course, you need to establish very good suction before doing this, otherwise you will risk losing the pressure when air enters and water leaves the Bathmate. Essentially, you need to establish a good balance of pulling the Bathmate away from your body strong enough to stretch the internal penis and keeping the suction going in order not to lose pressure. The typical routine for Bathmate stretches should include 30-second stretches away from your body in the left, right, upward, downward, and straight direction, respectively.

Especially when pulling upward, you will need to be careful not let the Bathmate suck in your testicles too much. Although this is not harmful, it is not pleasant either. The bottom line here is that you will need to try out for yourself how far you can go with the Bathmate Stretches, i.e., how long you can pull without losing suction and what directions work without getting your testicles under too much tension.

What Can I Do to Prevent Bathmate Digging Into My Skin/Balls? (Pumping Sleeves)

If you are having issues with the Bathmate digging into your skin (pubic region) there is a solution.

First, make sure you run hot water over that region so that it "hangs" down and your balls are out of the way as much as possible.

Next, buy a cheap "pumping" sleeve. Guys swear by these things and it will probably make this annoying issue a thing of the past.

Not an affiliate link -

end faq

Questions About Specific Bathmate Models

What is the Difference Between the Bathmate Hercules and the Bathmate x30?

The main differences are the latch and the generated pressure.

The Bathmate Hercules is the first model that Bathmate sold. The x30 is the renewed version of the Hercules, so it is comparable in size. There are a couple of differences between the older Hercules and the newer x30 that are worth mentioning.

The x30 has a latch on the valve that increases the pressure (around 30%) that is being generated by the pumping. It also prevents water from leaking out when you hold the Bathmate upside down.

The second difference is that there is a comfort ring (a soft piece of rubber supposed to prevent the Bathmate from digging into your skin) with the newer model. It is not absolutely necessary to put it on – you can definitely go without, which might even increase pressure because you could get the Bathmate tighter on your body. The best advice here is that you try it with and without the comfort ring and see for yourself which way produces the best results.

The third difference is that the x30 has more mobility, which means that you can swerve it around during your session in case you want to stretch to the side or do similar exercises. The Hercules is less flexible and can only remain in the position you put it on, which is not necessarily a big problem, as no more than this is required for the regular Bathmate gains.

How to Put on the Bathmate Xtreme Hydropump

Chris demonstrates how to put on the Bathmate Xtreme and how to use it.

Total newbies shouldn't use a full erection for the first 3-4 weeks.

end faq

How to Use the Bathmate / Troubleshooting FAQ

Do I Need to Use the Bathmate Comfort Ring?


In theory, it makes the Bathmate more comfortable when you put it on. However, experience has shown that you can absolutely use the Bathmate without the comfort ring. For some guys it may be more comfortable to wear it, but it is definitely not necessary. There also is the advantage of building up better suction if you use it without the comfort ring.

Can I Use the Bathmate Without Water?

Yes, but it is rather pointless.

As the Bathmate is a hydropump, it needs water in order to build up enough suction for adequate gains. Now you could use the Bathmate without water, but you would not see any gains from it, because the water is required to create the vacuum that is strong enough to stretch the tissue and bring about length and girth gains over time.

Can I Use the Bathmate Everyday?

Yes, although there are some suggestions about when not to.

You can use the Bathmate every day. However, there is a rule of thumb for when you should not be using it every day. If you are familiar with using the Bathmate (> ~1 month of experience), it is advised to only use the Bathmate with a full (90-100%) erection. If you cannot get a full erection prior to putting on the Bathmate, your penile tissue is most likely fatigued and you should take one or two days off. Remember that gains are made when you recover just as much as during training.

Bathmate and Water Retention or "Turkey Neck" -- Is It Something to Worry About?


Water retention, also called “Turkey Neck” or “Tennis Ball Dick” describes the over-expansion of spongy mid-shaft tissue after long and intense sessions, resembling the look of a turkey neck.

Although the look may seem slightly upsetting at first, it is nothing to worry about. The spongy tissue around mid-shaft gets most of the pressure because the erection that you had in the beginning of the session slowly goes away and your penis gets pulled back into the body. However, since the pump still applies pressure to your penis, the mid-shaft area gets pulled from two sides. This is the main reason why the most significant gains from the Bathmate will occur around the mid-shaft. Water retention will go away quicker if you do some stretching and get erections to pump blood in and out of the penis, but it will even go away if you do nothing eventually.

Water retention does not happen with the newer models, so x30 or x40 owners do not need to worry about this at all. If you own one of the older models (Hercules/Goliath), then you can still avoid water retention by breaking your sessions down into multiple shorter ones (for instance doing 2x8 minutes instead of 1x16 minutes).

How Much Will I Gain from Bathmate?

It really depends on which category of guys you fall into.

The gains that you make with the Bathmate depend on the rest of your PE routine as well as your previous PE experience. Assuming that you keep the rest of your PE routine constant:

  • It is most likely that guys with a lot of previous PE experience gain around ½” in length and up to 1” in girth, provided that they use the Bathmate regularly (4 or more times per week for about 12 – 24 months).
  • It is most likely that guys without any prior PE experience gain around 1” in length and 1” in girth, provided that they use the Bathmate regularly (4 or more times per week for about 10 – 24 months).

If you are a complete PE newbie and use the Bathmate together with other PE techniques (jelqing + stretching), the gains can even get as big as 1.5” or even more in length and 1.5” or even more in girth when using the Bathmate at the same frequency over 12 – 24 months.

How Can I Clean the Bathmate if I Don't Have the Cleaning Kit?

Just use normal antibacterial soap and water or a dishwasher.

The Bathmate is washable up to 80°C according to the official Bathmate instruction manual. That means that you could either wash it in the dishwasher (we recommend using the air dry mode of your dishwasher) or with antibacterial soap and warm water (just use a sponge to apply soap to the Bathmate and rinse with warm water). The cleaning kit is optional, but not necessary.

Is Bathmate a Legitimate Substitute for Jelqing?

Yes, but only for beginners.

If you are new to PE, you will make easy gains with pretty much whatever exercise you are starting with. So while the gains from a 10-minute workout in the Bathmate translate to roughly 20 minutes of manual jelqing, it seems more efficient to just use the Bathmate. However, if you have been into PE for some time and want to achieve your highest potential (1.5” - 2” gains), you will need to develop a complete routine and combine both jelqing and the Bathmate.

For example, you can get more sustained gains by jelqing about 5 minutes before using the Bathmate. If you want to avoid water retention, it is advisable to split your Bathmate session up into 2-3 shorter sessions. This can be nicely combined with jelqing. For instance, you could split up a 15-minute session into 3x5 minutes and do 5-minute jelqing sessions before, in between and after for much more sustained gains.

What Are the Red Dots That I’m Getting from Bathmate?

Tiny broken capillaries.

DISCLAIMER: This is not medical doctor’s advice. If you are seriously worried about your penis, go consult with your doctor. However, he will probably agree with the information in this post regarding what the red dots are, and how you can make them go away.

The red dots are tiny broken capillaries. While this may sound unsettling, it is nothing severe. If you experience red dots on your penis after a session of Bathmate, then you have most likely been using too much pressure. It is very important that you let your penis rest after working out, especially if you start seeing signs that your penis is fatigued like those small red dots on it. It is also important that you slowly increase the duration and intensity of your Bathmate workouts and do not immediately go from 0 to 15 minutes at maximum pressure.

The red dots will go away after a couple of days (for me it usually takes 2-3 days) since your penile tissue, just like most other tissue in your body, is able to heal itself over time. If you continue overtraining you might experience discoloration (your penis turning darker), but even that will go away if you stop exercising completely (meaning no bathmate, no jelqing, no other PE) for a couple of days. Remember that just like with any other kind of training, your bodily tissue needs resting time in order to recover fatigued tissue.

Should I Use Bathmate with an Erection?

If you are a PE newbie, do not use a full erection.

If you have not yet used the Bathmate, then it is important that you use the Bathmate without a full erection and with less than the maximum pressure possible. When you start, it is very important that you familiarize yourself and your penis with the Bathmate in order to prevent injuries. Your tissue needs to get used to being stretched before you can apply the maximum pressure to your penis. So the rule of thumb here is to only do light bathmate exercise for the first 30 days and then gradually increase pressure, duration, and erection level with which you enter the Bathmate.

For guys who are more experienced with PE, it is noteworthy that entering the Bathmate with a full erection will also give you more noticeable gains. When you have a lot of blood circulating in your penis to begin with, then it is logical that you can stretch your penis more than if you had to use pressure to stretch your penile tissue to the point of a normal erection first. So while you get your maximum results from using a full erection, it is also more risky for PE newbies who are not used to this maximum stretching level yet. Hence the rule for newbies not to use a full erection in the first 30 days, to only slowly build up pressure, and to get enough rest between sessions (this is still valid for PE veterans, too).

Should I Jelq Before or After Using the Bathmate?

Only do this if you are experienced.

If you have not had (and consistently used) the Bathmate for 3 months or more, do not even consider this. The first month of Bathmate is mostly about getting used to it. In months 2 and 3, your penis is still getting used to the pressure, so you should only do jelqing before/after your Bathmate session after 3 months of consistent use.

If you have been using the Bathmate for 3 or more months consistently, you can jelq before and/or after using the Bathmate. The most advisable thing to do here to get much better results is to jelq before entering the Bathmate. It is important that you slowly get used to jelqing before using the Bathmate and start by doing short sessions (3-5 minutes of jelqing, then 3-5 minutes of Bathmate) and slowly work your way up, just as with the Bathmate alone. There should never be any pain to this at any point.

How Do I Get the “All Day” Bathmate Pump?

Combining strong erection, longer session duration, and full pressure. (not for newbies)

The Bathmate “all day” pump is the kind of extended stretch of penile tissue that experienced users get after a long and intense session of using the Bathmate. This is not for newbies, as your penis needs to be used to using the Bathmate in long sessions, with a full erection, and at full pressure separately before combining all three of these things in one session. If your penis did not experience about three months of consistent Bathmate use before doing this, it is likely going to be injured over the course of this.

Here are some more details about what kind of session can produce the “all day” hang that makes your penis considerably thicker for an extended period of time (that period of time gets longer with each time of using the Bathmate for an “all day” pump): Use the Bathmate for 10-20 minutes, push it to the maximum pressure within the first five minutes of the session, and only go in the Bathmate when you are 100% erect. This way you can get the “all day” hang. You can also jelq before the session in order to enhance the effect.

Only do this kind of session once a day and allow your penile tissue to recover if you get signs of fatigue. If you cannot get a full erection the next day, then try again later or skip that session for that day!

How Do I Use the Vacu-vin Wine Stopper With the Bathmate? (MattersOfSize Experimental Method)

Combining strong erection, longer session duration, and full pressure. (not for newbies)

If you have one of the regular (non-Xtreme) versions of Bathmate and have used it for at least 6 months, there's a technique that was discovered on MattersOfSize to encourage further expansion.

This is how you can make your Bathmate into an airpump. It's not as consistent and doesn't get your entire shaft like the Xtreme but it's worth looking into.

For more information, check this out -

"How to Take Bathmate to the Next Level - Advanced Air Pump Use"

Note: this is completely experimental and not an official method endorsed by Bathmate, MattersOfSize or any other party. We hold absolutely no liability for accidents.

end faq

Questions About Making / Preserving Size Gains

How Can I Keep My Bathmate Gains?

With a minimal effort maintenance routine.

Using the Bathmate 4-7 times a week at 10-15 minutes per session for 6-10 months, you will make some gains. If you stop using it altogether, a considerable part of these gains can disappear. However, just like weight lifting, you can keep most of the gains with minimal effort, using the Bathmate twice a week at around 12 minutes per session. If you do not want or are unable to keep using the Bathmate, you can still maintain your gains through an equivalent amount of jelqing and stretching.

How Can I Use Bathmate to Preserve Jelqing/Stretching Gains?

Use 2-3 times a week at 8-12 minutes.

If you really do not have the time or motivation to do other PE exercises anymore, just the Bathmate will do enough to preserve (in some cases even increase) your girth gains. Good Looking Loser did this for 14 months and even gained some with this minimal routine.

Ideally, however, you should combine Bathmate, Jelqing and Stretching (manual and/or extender) in order to preserve and extend your gains. You could rather cut back on the session duration than to cut one exercise from your routine altogether.

Are the Gains from Bathmate Permanent? How Do I Preserve Them?

Yes, part of them are permanent. And use the Bathmate to preserve them!

First of all, you can preserve your gains by using the Bathmate 2 times per week at 10 minutes per session or by using manual jelqing exercises 2 times per week at 10-15 minutes per session. If you cannot be motivated to continue a strong routine that gets you big and fast gains, you can still preserve your previous gains by using one of the abovementioned routines.

So the permanence of your Bathmate gains also depends on the way you try to maintain them with a minimal maintenance routine. While there is a definite gain to using the Bathmate for a couple of months, there is also a part that gets lost if you stop using PE altogether. You minimize the losses that occur by using a maintenance routine that keeps the penile tissue stretched and used to PE.


end faq

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